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An Empty Place

Come sit with me a little while.
Say not a word -- put on a smile.
Forget about the griefs of life;
Forget the pull of pain and strife.

Without a word, we'll sit and wait
Without concern for being late.
Come along with me 'til we find
Hidden corner within the mind.

Don't try to carry baggage there
Just come along without a care.
Feel how the present melts away.
Embrace pure being. It's ok.

Vacate your cares, dismiss your fears
Let go of anger, cease your tears.
Allow yourself the joy to be ...
Empty ... and find fullness ... see ...

We've found a hidden time and space
And arrived at a special place
Where Empty shows another side
And, filled with Peace, we can abide.

                      © 1994 J-M Moss

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