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"What the heck is this?" you ask. Early in the development of the internet, I played with developing an e-zine. It was actually fun, and met with some success. The e-zine as a "Newsletter for busy creative entrepreneurs seeking alternatives in a topsy-turvy world. Weekly informative and inspirational essays, humor, lifestyle and business tips and more. A touch of balance for a highly technological world." 

I had a lot to learn during that time. In fact, this effort seems very amateurish today. I ultimately put Bits 'N' Tidbits' on hiatus in September of 2004. There were a number of reasons for this. Other projects at the time took precidence. Spam was at an all-time high at that time and I didn't want Bits to get caught up in that. And, I had serious doubts about the true validity of the publication.

I tend to be pragmatic. I watched my own behavior and realized that even those e-zines I sign up for come in such volumes that I rarely have time to read them. My email box was getting cluttered with interesting "some day I want to read this" mail. Worse, I was seeing a surge in frequency of email sent by hungry marketers all vying for our immediate attention. And I didn't want to get caught up in that. So, for the time, I decided to devote my energy to more productive making a living <grin>.

I have, however, decided to leave those published issues right here. I do think there's some worthy stuff that might do someone some good. And, if nothing else, it might prove informational for people who might want to try an e-zine.

That being said, IF I see any interest in people who might be interested in my reviving a similar e-zine, I will definitely consider doing this again. If I do, the same policies will stand:

When you subscribe to Bits 'N' Tidbits, you'll receive regular emails from But you can be sure that your email is kept in strictest confidence. We do not sell or share our mailing list with anyone. And, your email is not saved in a database on the web that can be mined by others.

To subscribe to have e-mailed directly to you click here:

Meanwhile, I invite you to think about taking a look at I'll be including some similar articles there from time to time.

Previous Issues



September 12, 2004

Due Diligence Now!
September 5, 2004 Putting things in perspective
August 28, 2004 "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…"
August 1, 2004  RISK - Is All It's Cracked Up To Be
August 7, 2004 There’s something to be said for imperfection…
July 31, 2004 TRANSITIONS -- Is NEW Good?
July 24, 2004 Everyone is a Salesman...
July 18, 2004 Multi-Tasking is a Good Thing....Focused Multi-Tasking is Better
July 11, 2004 Find a Book and a Tree
July 04, 2004 What's Your Vision?
June 20, 2004 A Lesson in Magnetics...
June 12, 2004 What Is It?
June 6, 2004 A Half-Dozen Creative, Success-Focused Qualities
May 30, 2004 THANK YOU!
May 22, 2004 Public Relations Rules!!!
May 15, 2004 YOUR FUTURE IS .... NOW!

May 8, 2004


May 1, 2004

April 25, 2004 It's Much Too Late -- Do You Know Where Your Files Are?
April 2, 2004

Spring Forward

March 28, 2004

Breeze Through Cleaning And Get To the FUN!

March 21, 2004 Challenge / And Now Back to Work

March 14, 2004

Build Relationships / Grow Businesses
March 7, 2004 Exercise - the spice of life!!
March 1, 2004 Mind Tools / Education May Not Be Enough
February 22, 2004 SUCCESS

February 14, 2004

You're Special

February 1, 2004

How Do You Face Your Creative Fears?

January 24, 2004

Need to Solve a Problem? Get Some Sleep!

January 10, 2004

Once In a Blue Moon

January 1, 2004


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