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The Rise and Fall of Infierno

© Joan-Marie Moss 1985

Infierno had been an outcast all his life. He could get along with no one. He was so repulsive that everyone turned away. His grotesque, coarse features, his twisted arms and legs, deadly, pallid complexion horrible, foul disposition turned everyone from him…everyone, that is, except Nontolero and Angre who were, likewise, unattractive characters.

Infierno decided that he would build an empire where everyone would bow to his superiority. But he was smart. He knew he could not take control on his own behalf.

"Go," he told Nontolero and Angre. "Go into all the land. Find the towns and villages where life has become routine and easy, where people are no longer united toward a common goal. There you will take up residence and befriend the inhabitants. Live with them, eat with them and when you are one with them, call me. Then I will join you and we will rule supreme."

And so they did. Nontolero entered Nemis first. He sewed seeds of discontent which produced Greed. And the people there became more and more self-centered. Angre then moved in and soon turned brother against brother and children against parents.

Finally, they called Infierno. "Come," they said, "This land is yours."

Then Infierno came and ruled Nemis spreading crime and desolation.

In like manner, Egnon, Gamnin, Amnin, Temmoran, Ibin, Vendan and Eigor fell. Everywhere there was chaos and tribulation and hostility.

Stronger and stronger, Infierno grew and it looked as if he would dominate the entire world.

But, when Infierno targeted Positivu as his newest acquisition, it was different. Nontolero entered the town and sewed his seeds of discontent. But the people watered and fertilized the land with generosity and compassion. They weeded and pruned mercilessly. Nontolero withered and died. Without Nontolero's discontent and greed, Angre could not gain acceptance. The people were so filled with Joy and Generosity that Angre could find no point of reference — no cause to focus the people's attention on. Angre was determined to succeed and continued to chip away at the residents but as he did he became weaker and weaker — for he could find no sustenance. And, he died.

Infierno saw what had happened and flew into a rage for he knew he'd lost the battle. But he would not give up. And so, he called upon Faer to seek advice.

"Let me go, oh Master, for I will serve you well," Faer pleaded. Eventually Infierno relented, sending him on his way.

Faer entered the Land of Positivu and gently, quietly whispered to the young people. His messages were soft and enticing and gradually he started sewing seeds of Doubt.

The young began to doubt themselves and others.
"What if I can't…"
"What if it doesn't work…"
"What if the world will end tomorrow…"

Then Faer called his friend Negare. Together they toyed with the young of Positivu gradually chipping away at the security and self esteem of young and old.

Finally, Faer called Infierno. "Come…the time is now. Positivu is yours."

Infierno came and the young people knew Infierno. They hated themselves and they hated each other. They hated uncertainty and they hated fear. They hated the unknown.

But they had, deep within themselves, a gnawing sense that something wasn't right.

"What can we do," they asked their elders. "We forsook your example and your precepts and now we're unhappy and hateful. You raised us amidst beauty and plenty. Now we have desolation all around us. Where is our hope?"

The Elders responded "Nothing is certain but everything holds promise…Remember Positivu is your home. Plant seeds of hope and generosity and love. Nurture them and they will grow strong. We taught you confidence and movement toward progress. We taught you resolution, agreement, patience and affirmation. Start there…"

And the young people returned to the lessons of their parents.

It was a long, slow healing process. The seeds took time to germinate and the tender seedlings needed a great deal of care. But gradually, as the seedlings grew, Faer slipped away and Infierno lost control of Positivu.

Once again peace and joy returned to the land.

Cast of Characters
Infierno = Hate
Nontolero = Intolerance
Angre = Anger
Negare = Negativity
Positivu = Positivity

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© Joan-Marie Moss and 1999-2017