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Technology is hot!!
Offers More Career Options for Boomers

Rev: Joan-Marie Moss © 2015

The future is bright for boomers between 45 and 64 who will account for a larger share of the labor force - with this group growing by more than 30 percent through 2006, according to the 2012-13 Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Boomers who can apply scientific discoveries to the production of goods and services and solve technical problems will have plenty of opportunity for employment well into the 21st century.

Your job search will ideally involve a two-step process. First you'll want to identify your unique technical skill-set. And second, you'll want to identify the specific industry in which to apply your skills.

Robert Half reports that their interviews with CIOs indicate the most needed skills in 2013 include:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that "together computer systems design and related services and together with management, scientific, and technical consulting services will account for more than half of all new jobs in professional, scientific, and technical services. While reports continue to confirm the importance of this new blending of Technology with Business skills.

It's not enough just to work with the equipment and software according to 95% of 1,500 CIOs who responded to a recent survey by RHI Consulting, a leading recruiter in the information technology community. They also look for well-developed "soft" skills such as business acumen and interpersonal communications abilities when evaluating candidates. Why? Because technology professionals support and interact with virtually every department in a company.

This is where the second step of your career search is critical. You'll want to market your technical skills to companies that you are most familiar with. Technology impacts virtually every industry. Some, like the computer industry, are much further along, but don't overlook other industries which are just beginning to emerge on the technological scene.

Leading growth industriess through 2020 will include Health Services, Management, Public Relations, Advertising and Transportation Services as well as Computer and Data Processing Services, Debt Collection, Job Training and Career Counseling, Ecommerce and Auction Websites, Biotechnology and Video Games.



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