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The Care and Feeding of a Wife

© 1997 Joan-Marie Moss

  A wife – otherwise known as
        old lady,
        mom, and
        various sundry other terms at times less endearing –

Is a person whom you chose – for better or worse – in
        the heat of passion
        a moment of weakness
        the throes of spring fever, compassion or blackout

to share the rest of your life – or any part of it – with, as
        your other half,
        your companion,
        your lover.
        The mother of your children.

She can be the most
        impatient person you'll ever know.

She may be
        sweetness and light one minute and
        a tiger with bared teeth the next –
        changing, even before your eyes, for no apparent reason.

But she's really not all that difficult to live with if you keep a few basics in mind. She'll
        run your errands,
        cook your meals,
        care for your children,
        wash your dirty socks,
        then rub your aching back and kiss your tired eyes without complaint –

If you'll do just one extra special something for no other reason that to let her know that you know she's there and she's a
        other part of you.

Often the smallest somethings are most critical – bringing the best results. It doesn't take
        fancy gifts,
        lots of money, or even
        much time to keep her happy.

A wife will shine when you
        hold open a door for her,
        compliment her appearance, – or –
        proudly introduce her as "My Wife".

A wife will respond in kind when you
        pick up your dirty clothes,
        rinse out the bathroom sink when you've used it,
        wash her car – or – check the oil in it.

A wife will appreciate
        a wild flower you've picked with your own hand,
        a 15-minute break you've given her by taking the kids for a walk,
        a kiss, or a word of encouragement, when she's obviously feeling overwhelmed.

A wife needs you to tell her once in a while that she's
        a good cook...a fine housekeeper...
        a loving mother...a helpful partner...
        a fun companion...a precious bed partner.

A wife enjoys and thrives on
        an invitation out for lunch or a cup of coffee,
        a walk around the block – her hand in yours –
        your companionship while she washes dishes.

A wife needs to have the assurance that
        you really want to know how her job is going,
        you really care how she feels,
        you want her to tell you about her day.

When you're away, a wife needs
        a call – not collect – to say "I'm thinking about you – can't wait to see you"
        a post card that says "Hi, wish you were here…"
        a phone number where she can reach you – day or night – because you want her to call.

When you're near – a wife craves
        your casual touch,
        a gentle kiss in passing,
        a knowing wink.

The care and feeding of a wife is simple – You just need to remember that she's a person – just like you – who
        hurts inside when she's ignored, and
        angry when she feels used or taken for granted,
        becomes defensive when criticized,
        gets cross and makes mistakes at times,
        gets frustrated when things don't go right,
        aches at the end of day.

A wife needs to be reminded sometimes that you
        enjoy her,
        like to laugh with her,
        choose her (above all others) to share your life, feelings, hopes and dreams with.

A wife will enjoy, of course,
        a night on the town,
        fancy lounge wear,
        expensive cologne,
        a diamond pendant, or
        other surprises usually reserved for valued lovers or girl friends.

But a wife responds best to the small, inexpensive daily, something specials that say
        "I'm glad you're you and I'm glad you're my wife."

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