Photojournalism by Traci Moss

Even though 1999-2000 was one of the mildest winters on record for the City of Chicago, the Windy City was at times clothed with ice -- a bit of a challenge to be sure. Residents and visitors shared some amazing experiences that couldn't have been duplicated anyplace else in the world. 


It was as if someone had draped a protective sheet of glass over everything in sight.

Even on the greyest of days, the skyline is spectacular no matter what angle you see it from or what time of day. The Hancock building is not the tallest building in Chicago but it certainly is imposing
but it does take your breath away.

Have you ever wondered how they get those cranes off the tops of buildings when they're finished building?

An open Parkway... Just beyond Lake Shore Drive, a brief walk through the underpass....  

...and you're transported into an different world filled with tranquility ... here it's easy to forget that just a 10 minute walk with take you back to the hustle and bustle of the city...

...until you see the world famous Navy Pier in the distance.  

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