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Effective Communications

Tell the Truth -- From Your Heart!

Graham Stewart

Do you wish that you could write and speak better?  Are your marketing materials, communications documents or reports, dry and lifeless?  Perhaps your presentations and chat up lines lack any hint of imagination and creativity?!

Whatever you do in life, you always need to use words.  In writing or when speaking, you are required to arrange your words in particular ways to communicate with people who can vary widely in their age, background and culture. And most often, you will have never met any of them before!

 An honest challenge

Good writing and speaking is a challenge, even more so when your command of the English language could do with much improvement. But don't fret! There's a very simple way for you to start getting your message across that is both powerful and magnetic. 

So whatever your communications' requirements - marketing, reports, speeches, presentations, social interactions or even flirting - challenge yourself to think about what you read below and try it out. 

It works.

Tony Blair vs. David Bekham

Listen to a politician speaking and you usually hear clear, precise language that is superbly delivered. They seem earnest but so often their speeches come across as so polished, so well rehearsed that they fail to impact upon us. We also pick up the fact that most of their material is written by somebody else.

Listen to David Bekham and you get an entirely different listening experience. Please, I am serious when I say that I find the football superstar to be one of the best speakers around, simply because he says it how it is.  He's open, he's honest and he speaks from the heart. Sure, he may not be the most intellectual guy in the world, but he doesn't need to be.  What's more, his lack of intellectualism may be the very reason why his words and his presence have such a massive impact on people all over the world.

Get out of your head and speak from the heart

When you watch someone speaking from their 'head' you see great concentration in their faces. Their eyes may screw up, their foreheads furrow and in general they look tense. Watch David Bekham speaking from his 'heart' and he is very relaxed.  He speaks effortlessly, openly and frequently smiles.  And we really 'hear' him.

It's all about letting go. The act of searching for the perfect thing to say or write creates inner mental contractions that create tension. You have a desire to be eloquent and articulate but it all comes out in fits and starts. You think you sound like a bumbling idiot and you get more and more frustrated.  Eventually you give up.

So relax. Try imagining your heart in your chest. 'Move' there. You know what I mean. Then speak or write and don't hold on. Just flow. Say whatever you like and don't edit. Then when you look back at what you've written or said you'll find that it has an entirely different feel to it.

Overcoming grammar and expression hang-ups

Now you might find, quite naturally, that when you open up your heart to speak without editing that the grammar is poor and your expression clumsy. That's fine, you can polish it up later. But you'll also find that it's very 'real'. It's also raw and believe me when I say that people will start 'getting' you. 

People will hear the real you. They won't feel that you've edited the material over and over again. And believe me again when I say that you can sense the integrity of a person simply by reading what they write. You can sense their energy. You can sense who they are. 

Not always appropriate?

You may think that speaking and writing in this way is risky. Opening up and saying what you need to say from the heart may result in all sorts of uncomfortable scenarios. 'How can I speak to my colleagues from my heart', you say?  'They will laugh at meet.' They may do. But they'll hear what you are saying and you'll have an incredible impact on them.

You may also think that this communication style is not appropriate for your business or your company.  That's fine. But very soon, people are going to stop listening to what you have to say and turning to those that say it how it is. Indeed, are you not aware of the huge shift towards openness and honesty in our global society? 

Enron, spin doctors, political deception, scandals, adverts that promise 'World Class Service'. We are craving the truth from others. Why not start with you?


Trust is what you are creating here. In trusting your inner voice to give you what you need when you need it, you will gain confidence in yourself and what 'you' know. 

You will find that you are 'given' more when you trust your heart and that it flows more and more easily.

Finally, you will find that people listen to you more and value the way you communicate.

Is this not something worth exploring?

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