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Note-Worthy Contemporary Musicians

Music in Everyday Life

Music Pervades Everyday Life

We appreciate those musical artists who perform on TV and radio....those who work diligently to achieve recognition among the top ten. But this page is devoted to those who perform in our communities...the singers and instrumentalists who devote countless hours of practice to ensure that our church services, school functions and community affairs are lively and memorable. The key to being a great musician is not so much being recognized in the media, although we all would like to aspire to that. The key is to make your instrument talk to the emotions and hearts of your audience. This takes work. It takes constant practice and study. Those of us who are lucky, begin our musical journey very young, thanks to caring parents who enable us to take music lessons. But that doesn't mean that an adult can't learn music as well. It's never too late to begin learning music. And, more important, we need to remember that we never stop learning. Of course, you can attend college or adult education classes -- and you may be lucky enough to find talented musician in your own neighborhood who will teach or mentor you.

Resources for Musicians

Are these options out of reach? Do they fall short of your expectations? Don't despair. It's never too late to start learning music. And there are lots of resources on the internet to help you get started. If you're serious about making a living as a musician, you really do need to think like a business. Your success will depend on your ability to manage your business and to promote your most important products - yourself and your talent. Begin by re-thinking just how much you are willing to donate, volunteer and give away your your musical talents for free. Check out some of our basic business tips here.

Press Kit Tips for Musicians by Bruce Prokopets

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