Chicago-kinda Day

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Apr 262015

Chicago-kinda-DayEvery once in a while it's nice to wake up to a Chicago-kinda day. You know, everything is grey and overcast…and you know you're in for a long period of rain.

These rainy days are rare in New Mexico but quite common in Chicago. One needs to remember that this kind of rain is good for plants and for washing dust out of the atmosphere. It's this kind of rainy day that accounts for the huge oaks and maples that line the streets in the concrete jungle. And so once in a while it's good to celebrate a Chicago-kinda day here in Albuquerque.

This isn't a day you'd necessarily want to go out birding or hiking. But there's lots of things to do. Albuquerque has some museums and art galleries, and if you are careful to walk between the rain drops, it's even a decent day to visit Old Town.

But it's also a day when baking, crocheting and board games take on new meaning.


Gathering of the Nations 2015

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Apr 252015

GatheringoftheNations2015The Gathering of the Nations 2015 was breathtaking. Held in the Pit at Albuquerque UNM's Basketball Arena, it was very difficult to come up with a picture that honored the participants of this event as they should be. It was nigh impossible to get photos that  even hinted at the elegant handiwork of the costumes each wore. Each one was more breathtaking than the last.

I recall working with a Navajo chief back about 1977-80 on the first Gathering of the Nations. I had no idea how spectacular this event would become. It's too late this year, but I strongly suggest that anyone who honors Native American events take the time to search out PowWows of this type.

Phoenix Hybrid Heralds Spring

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Apr 102015

Phoenix-HybridWhile we've been enjoying delightful weather for some time now, I wasn't quite convinced that Spring was here to stay until we got this gorgeous tomato plant.

You have to understand that my frame of reference is Chicago and it won't be appropriate to plant tomatoes outdoors for at least another 3-4 weeks.

Previously, in Chicago, I was able to raise outstandig crops of cherry tomatoes (yellow and red). But this is high desert so I was a little hesitant to try them this year in Albuquerque, Instead we opted for Phoenix Hybrid. Can't wait to see how these do here. Of course, we're experimenting by planting this in a pot. Apartments with rock landscape just aren't as conducive to planting as we'd like. But this allows us to move the pot from the East where it gets lots of morning sun to out kitchen window which faces West. This should give the plant plenty of sunlight.

Stay tuned an we'll keep you posted. Those who are close friends can expect to enjoy some of the bounty come July and August.


NM Blood Moon Eclipse

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Apr 042015

lunar-eclipseDid you see it? We enjoyed this blood moon total eclipse — right from our kitchen window! It was absolutely awesome!!

There's going to be another one September 28th. My daughter I and agreed that we will go out into the desert to enjoy that one.

We just never had the joy of enjoying natural events of this kind when we were living in Illinois. The concrete jungle with it's bright lights – even at night – and it's smoggy skies blocked such events from us.

Several years ago we drove clear out to the furthermost northwestern suburbs hoping to view – I believe it was – a rare siting of the Northern Lights and met nothing but the greatest disappointment.

At that point we resolved to enjoy every extravaganza of nature that living in the Southwest would allow.

Mark your calendar and join us. Don't let the opportunity to enjoy pass you by.

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