New Beginnings

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Jan 112015

A new year and a new home can be challenging – and fun.

I'm hoping that 2015 will bring you and your loved ones every blessing and many new challenges to brighten the days ahead. But then, I don't limit these wishes to just the beginning of a new year. Every day is a new beginning and holds promise of all kinds of good things ahead. May you enjoy each one.

Meanwhile, I've relocated back to the sunny Southwest and life is looking very bright indeed.

I'll admit it, at first I tread lightly not quite sure what the point of this move could be at this time in my life. But I've found that it's been absolutely the best possible move for me.

I've found an entire new circle of friends and am renewing interests in activities I took for granted in the past. I hope to take you along with me as I explore with anticipation the unknown that lies ahead. 




An Empty Place

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Nov 202013

An Empty Place

Come sit with me a little while.
Say not a word — put on a smile.
Forget about the griefs of life;
Forget the pull of pain and strife.

Without a word, we'll sit and wait
Without concern for being late.
Come along with me 'til we find
Hidden corner within the mind.

Don't try to carry baggage there
Just come along without a care.
Feel how the present melts away.
Embrace pure being. It's ok.

Vacate your cares, dismiss your fears
Let go of anger, cease your tears.
Allow yourself the joy to be …
Empty … and find fullness … see …

We've found a hidden time and space
And arrived at a special place
Where Empty shows another side
And, filled with Peace, we can abide.

                     ©  J-M Moss Fall, 2004

It Takes a Village - Tulips

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May 092013

We've all heard that "It Takes a Village" when rearing children. But I would propose that it takes a village for us to succeed as a society. None of us survives on our lonesome. We stand among many others, learning from them and enjoying strength in numbers.

On my walk this morning I came across the remarkable stand of tulips. It grabbed my attention and I felt the need to go back to get my camera to capture it for your enjoyment.

Have a great day and enjoy the village that surrounds and supports you.


Wildlife Offers Surprises for Oak Park Pedestrians

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Apr 282013

You just never know what you'll see when you get out of your car and take a walk in Oak Park IL.

This robin spent hours playing with his image in this car.


1 robinwcar 100_1267And I enjoyed watching him..

He specifically likes this car and a shiny black one that parks nearby.

For those who are interested in this behavior, my daughter shared this link ith me:




2 robinwcar







3 robinscaling car

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