Yuletide Dare

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Dec 192016

Mere skeleton of what might have been,
stands 'midst shadows of darkest night
afraid to remain alone afraid to be seen.

No place to go, no hope, no peace
rejected, haunted, filthy, shunned,
a pilgrim in vale of tears … sees no release,
And pleads for death to take its toll…
death's chill to warm frostbitten limbs
and put an end to despair's control.

But what is this just down the road?
A tiny glow a beacon in the night?

Edging closer, ashamed and scared,
The reject, like cowering dog, is drawn…
knowing well what might befall whomever dared
to cast a shadow on another's merriments,
or impose contrary vision of what life
be for those less bless'd with earth's contents.

There … A candle glows … door's ajar.
'Cross the threshold another waits
with open arms for trav'ler from afar.
For one brief hour another cares,
forgets the stench, forgives affront
that tests tender sensibilities … and shares.
Each looks beyond the outer core
that separates man from man
and finds more to love than to abhor.

And, what is this? Blest release.
Despite different station and belief
they discover Christmas Peace!

copyright November 1994
Joan-Marie Moss

Book Projects and Virtual Assistant Opportunities

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Nov 292016

It's been a while since the last post. Life happens.

"Hot Button Marketing" which I co-authored with Barry Feig is available for Kindle on Amazon and is selling well to international markets.

Meanwhile, I met, and have had the pleasure of working as editor with, Thelma Giomi, a terrific local author who has completed a new novel, "Shatter My Heart". She's recognized for her delightful poetry books. You'll want to get acquainted with Thelma and learn more about her work. You can learn more here.

Working with Barry and Thelma have made this a particularly special year. I'm truly thankful that I've had the good fortune of being able to work with such dynamic people. 

I'm looking forward to working on new book projects as writer, editor or virtual assistant in months to come. Small businesses and professionals always seem to be hard pressed to keep up with their various projects especially this time of year. I'm here to help.

New Hot Button Marketing

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Jun 162015

BookCoverBarry Feig, a leading consumer behaviorist, has revised and re-published his best selling "Hot Button Marketing in Kindle format.  In it he discusses consumers buying habits. He tells us that we consumers buy products for two reasons: the rational reason and the real reason. He maintains that we may explore a product's features and benefits, but when it come to paying good money we invariably do so based on emotion – not intellect.

He's filled this new edition with tips and insights that can be applied at every stage of marketing – from product development to one-on-one selling – using the sixteen hot buttons that motivate purchases. This book includes tips for using social media in the marketing mix.

I've had the pleasure of working with Barry on this newest edition of Hot Button Marketing and invite you to take a look to see how it can help you.  You can check out Hot Button Marketing at



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May 102015

MothersDay2015What a glorious day! Traci and I went out to El Maipais and enjoyed both one of the largest rock arches in New Mexico. While we were there we also enjoyed the huge lava flows and sand dunes. It was a day I will long remember because I spent it with my beautiful daughter. 


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