But often it's not what it seems….

Chicago's all a twitter about its latest blizzard. While the blizzard warning holds until 3pm today and we may not have seen the worst yet, I figured I'd check out the damages.

I woke fairly late and the sun  was obviously trying to make an appearance – oh, no, that groundhog will see his shadow after all!!

Here's what I saw from my front window:


Ok, So, I can't see the sidewalk or the lovely bushes we planted to line it. But it could be a lot worse. I figured I'd go out and see, first hand, just how cold it is and how much digging I'd be doing.

Out the back door, where my car is parked, this is what I found…

That's my car…the second one from the left with the windshield wipers sticking up above the snow!  Looks like I'm going to be home-bound until Spring. Of course, that's not so bad. I work at home. I'm not particular anxious about digging out of this. Heck, I lived through the big one. Back in 1967, we had 23" of snow and the city came to a complete stand still. The reports say this is only the 3rd worst blizzard has seen in in recorded history. So it can't be all that bad, Right?

But wait- there's another side of this story….Things aren't always what they seem. I'm not making light of this. It is a serious storm that hit us. And I know reports across the country are reporting horrible impacts on the city. 

But having lived in different parts of the country, and talking with others about how weather is reported, I've learned that things aren't always what they seem. Here's a perfect example of how news doesn't always get the whole story.

Shovel out? Hey, I can do this!! Stranded? Not really. Slowed down a bit? You bet!





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Jun 212008


How many emails did you delete today  – without even reading them? How many more have you blocked long ago because you just got sick and tired of them staring you in the face?

If you’re like me, you’ve decided "Enough is ENOUGH already!!!"

What’s the common thread that runs through all those? is it the sales pitches? The "last chance…drop-everything- and-do-this-right-this-minute" urgency? Or maybe it’s just the ever present pull on your emotions and promises of quick fixes? 

Yes, indeed. Life right now is a bitch!! Most of us are dealing with some kind of crisis sitting on our doorsteps like a hungry wolf come to get fed. If it’s not the weather, floods and food shortages, it’s inflation, escalating taxes and wars. Or it’s loss of jobs and concern about losing homes.

Of course, we all want desperately to find relief.

You know things are bad. And you doubt that things could get much worse. But there comes a time when doom and gloom fear tactics just don’t cut it any more. And, eventually you are convinced that there are no immediate solutions in sight. With emotions raw from constant irritation, pretty soon you either give up and invite the wolf in or you sit back and watch what’s going on…and decide to go on living in spite of it all.

Either option works.

Each is a personal choice…a choice to stop the madness… and then….

The healing begins.

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