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Marketing -- the building blocks on which your business success is built. OK, you've developed the latest and greatest widget the world has ever seen. Your service is exactly what the market has been crying for. Your writing and your music are the stuff of legendary greatness. 

You've poured your heart and soul and your life's blood into a business, product, service that the world can't live without -- or can it?

If you're like most, you'll find you'll find yourself too close to the forest to see the leaves. You'll soon discover that you're so close in fact that you can't see what is painfully obvious to the people who you think need what you have to offer. 

Some of the basics you need to address as you try to market your product or service to success:

Once you have a clear understanding of these answers, then you need to identify the following:

Every day we're amazed. Marketing isn't anything like it seems. 

What's a person to do if they want to make a living selling their wares?  Well, you can start by checking out Barry Feig's Marketing Straight to the Heart. You consult with an expert who understands what you're all about and what you're trying to accomplish. An outstanding consultant you might want to begin with is Andrew J. Birol, President, PACER Associates, Inc.

You can also subscribe to any of many different marketing programs on the internet. These are offered by people who have been marketing on the internet for some time and are willing to help you through their products, newsletters and various products. Here are some that you might want to explore Scientific Marketing Netbreakthroughs

Whether you hire someone else to promote you or you do-it-yourself,  you'll want to capitalize on opportunities to promote yourself via Press Releases and Articles. Anytime you do something that might be newsworthy, you should send a Press Release to your local newspaper and to publications that your potential clients read. 

Consider, too, offering yourself as an expert resource to publications, radio and tv shows that deal with your profession. 

And, if you're really serious about making a success of your business on-line, definitely, check out the resources offered at the Internet Marketing Center and take a serious look at AdMinder to maximize promotion of your business online. 

Keep your eyes open for opportunities to market your business. Opportunities are everywhere. You don't need to pay a lot but you do need to learn to think out of the box.  On the internet, for example, one of the easiest marketing activities you can use is exchanging links with other sites that appeal to a similar market.

We will be happy to include a link to your site in exchange for a link back to our site. Many other sites participate in this kind of cooperative advertising, too. Remember every time a surfer sees your name, no matter where they see it, your brand recognition becomes stronger and your sales efforts become easier. 

There's no single surefire method for marketing anything. But it can be done. IF you listen to the market and you pay close attention to the marketing mix. 

Let an expert help you. They're in tune with the market and the marketing tools that are most effective...AND they can see your offering from the eyes of the buying market.

For more great information from an expert in Frugal Marketing check out Frugal Marketing.

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