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Resources To Help Small Businesses Grow

Successful Mini-Businesses rely heavily building mutually profitable relationships with others to gain a competitive edge in a competitive market place. Participation in some professional organizations and joint venturing with reputable peers can be most helpful.

There's no end to the variations on how you can make a living. To grow your business to be the best it can be you ideally will continue to educate yourself and plan toward the future. There are many, many resources out there to help you. Some that can give you a head start and help you stay focused include: 

Your local Community College
Your local Chamber of Commerce
Other Businesses in your industry

Franchise Opportunities offers listings of available franchise opportunities for sale and small business opportunities.

Office Depot strives to provide cutting edge tools at the best possible prices and outstanding customer care. But did you know that Office Depot also provides an entire library of resources to help you grow your business?

Small Business Opportunity Directory The world's leading small business opportunity and franchising information website, providing free resources to anyone interested in getting more information on any small business or franchise. 

Handling Finances Online

Buying and Selling online has become much easier. There are countless options for secure merchants accounts online. And many of our traditional banks now provide for online processing. We've also found PayPal to be reliable and easy to use.

In the News

Business Week
Business Plans

Public Relations and Marketing


Concept Marketing Group Market Research, Press Release writing and distribution and more targets distribution to opt-in journalists and media people and more

Free Digital Postcards And Greeting Cards. Not everything is expensive... Great marketing includes attention to the little touches that say to your client "you're special". When was the last time you touched base with your clients?

How to Market Your Business With Little or No Money! By T. Stephen Anderson

PRweb Free distribution and more

Tools Small (or Large) Businesses Need to Achieve Uncommon Success on the Internet

Web Marketing Info Center Everything Media. Learn all about current pr practices online and off here.

Software Solutions

Software - Software - Everywhere!! If you're not careful you could bankrupt yourself chasing the perfect -- latest and greatest -- software solution. Before you invest in more software learn the programs you have already. The software you have right now may well do exactly what you need it to do and more. If you do decide you need to invest follow a simple 2-step approach: 1) Research (we offer here several places that are recognized as competent resources for finding the appropriate software for businesses). 2) Ask your peers what they use and find out how satisfied they are with the performance of the software they're using.

SBA offers a library of resources including a list of shareware options for small businesses including software solutions for Win3.1, Win95/98 and MAC/Apple as well as directories that offer other business solutions.

ZDNet is a highly reputable technology resource including reviews, WhitePapers, how-to and purchase options Check out the website and consider subscribing to

TuCows has a comprehensive selection of more than 40,000 free and to-purchase software and reviews and is highly reputable.

Autoresponders An essential tool for your communications arsenal. There are several out there.

All Business Schools- A complete online guide to business education and careers. We strive to be the finest resource available, allowing students to compare schools, contact them, read common questions and answers, and ask questions.

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