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By T. Stephen Anderson - 'The Profit Doctor'

Have you ever run across a situation where you did not have the funds to properly market your products or services? Well I ran across this situation eight months ago. It took me six months of intense research to find out ways to market my products and services, without ANY money, because I had very little money set aside for marketing.

Marketing your products or services can be an expensive proposition, especially if you do not plan for it properly. To get the most out of your marketing expenditures you need to do 'direct marketing.' That is picking the specific types of individuals, or groups, that would be your most likely customer of your products or services and marketing only to them.

Marketing this way will reduce your overall marketing costs, but that still wasn't good enough for me. One of the most effective ways to make the most profits in your business is to NOT have any expenses at all!!

There are several techniques in which you can use to find inexpensive, or no-cost, marketing tools for your business. But where do you find them, you ask? Most of them can be found on the internet. It is a treasure chest of information and if you take the time to sift through it, you will find a gold mine!!

One day I was looking at the floor of my office where all these printed copies of these web sites were laying and a lightening bolt hit me!! Why don't I write a book that lists all these FREE resources and sell it to any business owner that does not have enough money to market their business?

To give you an idea of how you can use the internet for sifting for your own "gold," here are the best sites from my new book:

Developing Marketing Resources:

These Web sites will give you lots of marketing "How to" information.

http://www.marketingsource.comThis site gives you lots of FREE articles, resources, and it shows you how to develop effective press releases:ain Locations to market your products or services for FREE.

Now where do you send your press releases to? Both of these sites will give you ALL the contact information for ANY media source including foreign contacts!

If you are looking for companies in specific industries, including fax numbers and e-mail addresses, go to this site: and sort by industry.

Trade Show Central— Lists trade shows, conferences, event providers, venues and facilities worldwide. Database contains more than 40,000 entries. Use the search utility to find trade shows and exhibitions. Look for a specific event by entering the name of the event, the event type, the industry, date or location.

Looking for locations on the internet that you can place FREE classified ads:

Look for locations for banner swaps at:

Looking for book distributors to sell your books:

If you are in the publishing business, you need these resources:

Looking for newsletters to market your books:

Looking for publishers to publish your book:

Learn how to send a correct manuscript to publishers:

As you can see, I have listed just a few of the "pieces of gold" that can be found on the Internet. Happy Hunting!!

I am breaking several publishing rules by making these next statements. Because the internet changes so much so fast, I am offering FREE e-mail updates to the book to any purchaser. And as an added bonus I am giving you six additional FREE marketing books on the CD in the book.


Stephen Anderson, "The Profit Doctor," is a member of the St. Louis Publishers Association and their newsletter editor. To find out more details about this book you can go to and select "More Sales." Or contact Steve at 636-936-1099.

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