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Subliminal Marketing


Lorrie Walters Marsiglio
copyright 1999

Need a little help in your marketing endeavors? Looking to increase your opportunities and visibility, without spending a fortune? Would you like to give the impression that you're more successful than you are, to attract more clients, get that job offer, or get better service?

Try a little 'subliminal' marketing. Or what I'd call a little 'passive' marketing.

There's a wealth of ideas out there just waiting for you to incorporate that you can put to use, without going outside your 'comfort zone.' Best of all, they won't take a lot of time out of your busy schedules, or money out of your pocket. And you can apply them anywhere, and anytime to achieve better results.

You'll learn how to recognize and apply prosperity building strategies for increasing your opportunities socially and in the business arena.

About this time of year, I'm inundated with requests from media sources from around the country requesting an interview, and more information about the holiday that I created for the month of September, for a publication called Chase's Calendar of Annual Events, called 'Subliminal Marketing Month,' which you'll be able to find more about in this website.

Subliminal Marketing as defined by Dr. Jack Haberstroh, in his book 'Ice Cube Sex about Subliminal Advertising,' aptly defined 'subliminal' as "below an individuals conscious perception."

Remember, 'below an individual's conscious perception.' It's not overt. It's not flashy, it's understated. It's simply 'subliminal.'

Here's one, of the many, ideas for you to ponder over. Many of us have a closet full of clothes, but are you maximizing your wardrobe effectiveness? Or just getting by?

While you're working your way up the ladder of success to attract more clients, get that job offer, or just to get better service, wouldn't you like to give the impression that you're more successful than you are?

Remember, you're always selling yourself. So you need to be aware of the colors, or color combinations that you choose to wear (colors can affect you psychologically and physically, and reflect your mood); the type, fabric, and style of clothing you choose (it can make you look old-fashioned and out of date, or like someone who is up to date and current); the fit of your clothes (too tight, too small, big and baggy, or just right). And most of all, are your clothes and shoes neat and clean or could they stand to go to the cleaners or shoe repair shop?

Granted these ideas sound like common sense, but how many of us are actually practicing 'common sense'?

Remember, the colors you choose, and the clothing you wear is a non-verbal form of communication. Learn to identify what colors and styles of clothing show off your best assets. You don't need to have a lot of money to show you have a lot of class. You just need to apply the strategies that have worked so well for so many others.

Simple things that we normally take for granted, such as our ranking in the family, past achievements, hobbies and interests can add to our marketing success to get results. It's really not rocket science, or unattainable.

Check out the many books, publications and audio cassettes at your local library to find out how you can always look your optimum best.

You can always hire someone to do your public relations, but if you also learn how to do it for yourself, you'll benefit from your own efforts. You'll gain confidence, insight, contacts, resources, clients, satisfaction and a prosperity mind-set. It's actually easy to promote yourself---your business---your volunteer activities, etc....


It's simple, once you apply these easy-to-do techniques."

Lorrie Walters Marsiglio offers consultations and programs  (in the Chicago area) on proven publicity, marketing and networking techniques, as a way to build your business, and enhance your life.

Lorrie's audiences have found out how such simple things as thank you letters, query letters, letters to the editor, business cards, license plates, buttons, stickers, answering machines, testimonial letters, and chance or networking meetings are but a few of the many ways that can be opportunities for achieving their marketing and publicity goals to promote their business, or themselves.

If you'd like to put to use some of the 'subliminal' strategies that are used by 'successful' individuals, and you'd like to learn a little more about the effects that color, scents and language play in your everyday life, click here.

© Joan-Marie Moss and 1999-2017