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Online Merchandising

There's a reason we look at these options here. Creative People sometimes find it difficult to secure a position that will support their families and pay the bills while they are pursuing their creative goals. Fortunately, the internet has provided options that work well. These are not get-rich-quick schemes. You will have to work to make them work for you. But they allow you to creative viable income streams and still give you time to do your creative work.

The methods for making money on the internet are many although the systems vary, the theme is essentially the same. Many programs require no - or very little -- initial investment to get started and are fairly easy for a new business to learn. The role of the website owner is to generate leads and sales in return for a commission, while a middle man or the vendor/merchant manages all details of setup, promotions and customer service. 

The challenge is to develop enough traffic to your own site and to give your visitors reason to click through to the merchant and buy their services or products. A few of the variations on this theme are listed below.
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StormPay Inc. is an online payment system, which allows anyone with an email address to send or receive payments. Founded in October, 2002, StormPay Inc. has quickly become an Internet leader in online payment processing by offering customers and vendors alike, a safe and secure method to do financial transactions across the Internet, while reducing the risk of exposing your financial information.

StormPay's system is very much like an online checking account. The account can be used to send or receive funds for online purchases or charity donations, etc. After funding their account, the customer has the ability to send funds to any recipient with an email address. Most "deposit" options are instant, allowing the customer to immediately make a payment for an online product, service, or subscription. Customers may deposit funds into their StormPay accounts via credit card, online check, 900 Pay, Money Order, or by visiting one of our Walk-In funding locations.

Storm Pay also has an extensive Mall where you will find convenient online shopping with online vendors who accept StormPay. If you have a product or service for sale and are accepting StormPay and it is clearly visible, you can list your site in the StormPay Mall for free once you've set up an account. 


With ClickBank every link on your web site can be a source of revenue. You can use the Marketplace to find products that will be of interest to people who visit your site. At ClickBank you can choose from 10,000 products including both information products, software and other innovative products that are easily transmitted via internet. Next to each product listing you'll see a percentage. This is the commission you can earn for referring a paying customer to ClickBank to purchase that product. Commissions may range from 20-60% of sales. Click on the percentage to see how to make a hoplink for each product to place on your site. Processing is handled by Clickbank.

Marketing Teams and Individual Merchants

Many information merchants, creators of eBooks, software, seminars and marketing materials are offering associate programs to website owners who want to break into a retail business online. Some are sole vendors, others are banding together into marketing teams to generate products and marketing programs to sell their products. They offer affiliate agreements, typically create a website for the affiliate and handle the processing and delivery of sales. In return for generating leads and sales, the affiliate earns a commission on sales. In these cases, website owners are given an affiliate number and hyperlinks that link to a single page promotional site to sell a single product.  

Here are a few HOT Affiliate Programs that I can recommend:


No discussion on doing business on the internet would be complete without including MLM. Whether we approve or like this method of doing business, it's here to stay. And, there's a strong correlation between MLM strategies and tactics and all of the above merchandising methods which include affiliate programs. Tell a friend works, whether you get credit for doing that 2 levels deep or 10 levels deep. New programs purport to bring people into some programs automatically with very little effort on your part. That's the beauty of programming and the internet. Many are very much against MLM because this approach has been so badly abused. If you choose to follow this approach, just two professional and be very, very careful about strong-arm tactics and spam. 

Website StoreFronts

These are the domains of web owners, who, runs their own stores, much like they would if they owned a brick and mortar establishment - in fact, many of them do. These sites are set up so that the owner selects his own products, displays them, processes his own marketing, delivery and customer service. This is the most expensive and complex arrangement to setup; and it shifts the risk of operating the business back onto the website owner.

What's best for you?

These are not your only choices if you want to earn a living on the internet. There are so many variations on the basic themes that it's nigh impossible to keep up with them. Whatever method you choose to base your business on, you must — MUST — investigate thoroughly. Read those Terms of Service! Find out exactly how you are going to earn your money (there's still nothing out there that offers you something for nothing despite all the promises and hype)! And remember due diligence! Know the people you're working with! Check with! And, most important of all — maintain a an uncompromising work ethic and level of professionalism in your own business practices — no matter what!!!

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