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Are your website, newsletters, salescopy and technical manuals the best they can be? Are they consistent in their design and message? And, what about that book you need to write to position yourself as the leader in your field?

If you choose to do your own writing and editing, this may be an excellent decision. You know your business, your product and what you want to say better than anyone else. There's lots of great information here to help, And if you can't find the information you need, just drop me an email. Let's talk.

If you suspect that your readers don't really understand what you've written and that you're giving them the wrong impression...or if you want to write your own books, websites and marketing materials but would like a professional critique or the help of an editor.. You may find the insight of a freelance writer is exactly the edge you need to get off on the right foot, with a minimum of guesswork and confusion. As your co-partner, I can help you eliminate obvious - and not-so-obvious - difficulties with your documents. How? I see your work from your clients' perspective and show you how to apply proven techniques.

On the other hand, if you're like most professionals you know writing is not what you do best. You want to focus on your core comptencies. If you have little patience for the details of laying out designing, researching, writing, editing, re-writing and delivering websites, newsletters, sales letters, books and more, then Joan-Marie is the freelance writer who can do the job for you while you do what you do best - build your business.

In this case I become your alter ego and a third party advocate who translates your efforts and your expertise into language that your customer understands. I can bridge the gap between what you take for granted and what your customer needs to know to turn to you as their sole expert source.

Positioning your messages for the greatest impact with the least time and money is what I do best. Applying years of experience as a freelance writer, in all areas of the business from newspapers to marketing, technical writing and online promotions, I create and deliver powerful technical documents, websites and marketing materials for my clients. I can do the same for you so you don't have to take precious time away from your career. My job is to contribute new perspective and polish to all your documents, translating your expertise into words that your reader will understand. I'm ready to do the time intensive work so you can focus your time and energy on building your business.

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