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Creative Approaches to Financial Issues

Finances always seem to be a challenge for Creative Entrepreneurs. There's that constant pull between needing to feed the project and needing to pay bills. 

1. Get Organized!  The biggest challenge to maintaining a balanced and profitable small business is knowing how to organize every aspect of our lives. Juggling a half dozen hats is frequently what it takes to stay financially viable. But it can't be done effectively on the fly. Discipline and organization is the key. 

2. Consider a second / or part-time job. Many creative people have been known to work as many as 3-4 jobs while working on their creations. Many find that working in retail is particularly good because it gives them direct contact with people, missing in most creative activities. And definitely check the options available for working online. There are many options for earning extra income on the internet - many of them free to get started.

3. Watch those Savings  They can dwindle quickly: but serious conservation measures practiced daily help: 

  • Walk to the store rather than getting in your car 

  • Keep those meals at the local restaurant / fast food stand to a minimum.

  • Recycle everything. There are very few things we buy that can't be 
    re-used several times before discarding.

  • Visit the local Dollar Store and Yard Sales. The bargains will astound you.

  • Before investing in software, books and supplies check the eCreatives Store
    run a search on Google and other search engines, and check your local 
    library (even on-line).

  • Set up a buddy system with your neighbors. You may be surprised at all 
    the talent and resources that are available right in your own neighborhood 
    that you can trade.  

  • Small change can add up to big bucks if you empty your pockets into a 
    coffee can at the end of each day.

  • Coffee grounds, tea leaves, egg shells still work wonders to build soil for 
    your garden and your houseplants.

4. Shop carefully, and buy the best you can afford. Now that's an oxymoron, you say?  Not really. Some off-brands are excellent investments. But if you're saving pennies to get a lower quality product, you're really not saving much. Consider, how much money are you paying for that ham bone if you're just going to throw it away? And the 80% lean ground chuck isn't going to go quite as far as a better grade of meat. 

5. Selective Entertainment As a creative entrepreneur, you have the distinct advantage of picking and choosing your entertainment. Movie matinees are still less expensive than evening and weekend showings. Museums, zoos and others frequently have reduced entrance (or even free) days scheduled mid-week. 

6. Wealth Quote Tip of the Day More resources to help you develop a wealth-based approach to your business and your life.


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