About Us

Joan-Marie MossThis website is written by and for mature technical and creative writers and other creative professionals who earn their living using their talents in their own small businesses..

The topics covered on this blog relate to my personal experience and interest, including, but not limited to writing. The Blog is a part of my domain: http://www.creativeoptions.com which focuses on writing and small business. It strives to provide resources to serve professionals interested in these areas. It also offers examples of work I and others have done in the past. You'll find links to those areas at the top of this this page.

If you prefer Facebook, I'm there too, although I'm much less active there.

As a small business I don't fit into a neat box. My work is tied in with interests that range from life style, to hobbies and communities where I live and work. While some may prefer a single focused approach to Blogging, I believe that it's exactly that variety of interests that lends depth to my writing and to the relationships I'm trying to build..

The great writers tell us to write what we know and what we are passionate about. I attempt to follow that advice here with the single most important exception that, some things I feel most passionate about are left unsaid here so as not to offend. (Those particular observations, being more controversial, are shared with my most intimate friends and are being collected into a book that will be left to posterity). :).

That said, most of us have been "around the block a time or two". In much of what we're experiencing today, we've been here, done this already. Some who have taken this journey may have many of the same experiences I speak of. Others may have had different experiences.

In my particular case, I've had the fortune – good or bad as it may be – to have started working as a writer years ago, when much of writing and publishing was a handcrafted venture. I've worked in Albuquerque, Gallup, Phoenix and Chicago. I've done a lot through the years in terms of Real Estate, Small Business Ownership, Publishing, Speaking, etc. I've enjoyed immersion in farming/ranching, music, community development and condominium management. The lessons learned have brought me to where I am today. So I see things through the prism of those experiences.

Your experiences most certainly will have been significantly different than mine.

That's a good thing. We each see the bigger picture from different angles, and so, we both stand to learn together. We can use this space to share and compare and enrich our own (and each other's) insights in the process.

Some of the observations we share here may not resonate with the mainstream. Others may not have lived through the challenges we have in the last 60-some years and don't have the insights we accumulated along the way. That's OK, too. The point is not that we all agree but that we can agree to disagree from time to time and learn in the process.But I do maintain that disagreement should be couched in tolerance for others of different persuasion.

Looking at our current experiences through the eyes of another helps bring greater clarity.  We all see a slightly different "piece of the elephant". Some are very much "into" the internet, others may be somewhat put off by all this technical stuff. Each of us has learned slightly different lessons.Where there are differences we can explore and merge them into a comprehensive view.  We don't necessarily have to agree. What is important is our combined passion for life and using our creative talents to make our corner of this world just a little bit better. What is important is that we learn to work together to find common ground and to make the best of the cards history and our present circumstances deal us.

Now, through the marvels of technology and these blogs, we can come together to share and compare. We can enrich our own and each other's understanding of the world we deal with today.  I welcome your comments and observations.

Technology is the tool. But passion and vision are what unite us.