Thank you!!! Impeachment Take Aways

This is NOT a political blog.  I have no interest in making it one. I’m not a political person and I’m not here to try to convince anyone of anything. You and I may disagree on many points….and I will respect your differences. 

We’ve lived through an amazing chapter in the history of our country. I think we can all agree that politics is an ugly, messy business. America has come out of this deeply scared.

I simply want to thank those involved in the impeachment process for their very hard work and commitment to the American people and the Constitution. 

This week the Senate, in the most unbelievable action, voted to look the other way when a president was caught in the act of attacking the constitutional rights  to free speech and free and fair elections in pursuit of his agenda. The Senate voted to affirm that the “rights” of one person is more important that the rights of more than 7 million people. The Senate, in their decision, sent the clear message to all the world that even riots that result in death, violent bodily attacks on Americans and damage to our Capitol is ok when used in the pursuit of one man’s agenda.  

Sadly this is a natural outgrowth of the Senate’s failure to convict in the first impeachment…a decision that emboldened and enabled that man to escalate. Now that he has gotten off – again – his promise is “We have just begun”.  

As truly disturbing as this turn of event is and while we have no idea of where this country will go from here, there is still hope. In our darkest hours heroes have stood up for us. We can be very proud that such as these are working to make America the best it can be:  

The House Impeachment Managers ( )
Jamie Raskin,
Joaquin Castro,
David Cicilline,
Madeleine Dean,
Diana DeGette,
Ted Lieu,
Joe Neguse,
Stacey Plaskett
Eric Swalwell.

Every one of these amazing Americans has earned my deepest admiration and gratitude. They went above and beyond every hope and expectation to tell the story we’ve sadly lived this election. I’m proud to count them among my countrymen. I thank them for their amazing work on behalf of all Americans and the preservation of the Constitution. I’m convinced they will be remembered in history among the greats. 

57 Senators who voted to convict  ( the brave Democtats and Republicans ) 

The entire Democrat body was joined, notably, by seven courageous Republicans who voted in favor of the constitutional rights of all Americans.  Every one of these Democrats and Republicans have my deepest appreciation and continued support. But I give particular credit to those Republicans who had the courage to look beyond the party rhetoric and support the cause of the American people in spite of potentially grave personal and political risk. When the next Profiles in Courage is written and when history speaks of America’s best and brightest these will be included:

Richard Burr 
Bill Cassidy
Susan Collins
Lisa Murkowski
Mitt Romney 
Ben Sasse
Pat Toomey

But there are others not in the Senate during those days of the impeachment hearings:

The staff who worked so tirelessly to help the Managers deliver amazingly effective videos and documents delivered to the Senate, who worked night and day to develop the story that unfolded before us the public…. materials that have been set  into the permanent record of America so that there can never be denied or re-written into history.

The Senate aides, the young women  who had the presence of mind and courage to move the crucial electoral ballot boxes to safety out of the Capitol building so that rioters could not destroy them.  Those contained our votes…the permanent record that the American voters had voted in a free and fair election.

The courageous US Capitol Police who suffered horrible injuries and loss of life defending the Capitol from rioters even without support of the President of the time and their superiors.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank you!!!

We will remember forever. 

And now…

Back to the work of trying to keep my little corner of this Country safe and peaceful.


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