Senior Creativity Built On Youth

Writing, song, dance, and  all other creative arts are built in youth but enhanced with age. 

When I was a teenager, I was absolutely certain about everything. Life was simple then. Writing was relatively easy. All that was necessary was to copy the formulas and rules set forth by our peers and teachers. Writing simply was the act of putting on paper whatever was acceptable to others.

Then I had children. They taught me to see life through a completely different prism. Every time my little ones asked me "Why…..?" my believe system was challenged. I stopped accepting the obvious and started looking for what was hidden beneath the covers.

They're grown now, those delightful children who gave me a second chance to grow up. But the lessons they taught me have proven invaluable. As they grew and became more worldly wise, they taught me that every individual's experience is unique. They showed me that two people can have the very same experience at the very same time and yet that experience could affect them in dramatically different – sometimes opposite – ways. They helped me to understand that what worked for me in my world doesn't always work in theirs. And, with their help, I learned once again to ask "What if….?"

Now, as a senior citizen, I know beyond a doubt, that I know very little indeed. I know enough sit back and think a little more…. to ask those same "Why…?" and "What if….?" questions. I've learned to respect others' view points and opinions.But I've also stopped caring so much whether what I write falls into the formulas that  once were so important.

Age puts a different spin on writing. As we grow, our writing matures. We incorporate years of experiences and insights into the words we string together. We reach a point where we are more willing to question whether our work is actually a reflection of who we have become or just another attempt to mimic the status quo ante.

Senior citizens bring something very unique to writing and the other creative arts. They have a legacy to share. Their insights have been honed through the years.

Some would say that youth is wasted on the young.  I prefer to say that youth is the foundation upon which the creativity of senior citizens is built. And, I celebrate all those seniors who share their legacy through the written word, song, dance and the arts. . .  .

Author: 7577JMM

Retired - Published Author, Editor, Webmistress, Artist, Musician