Goodbye Corporate America – Hello Life

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone but if you're a senior you're one of the elite and among some of the most lucky citizens.

There have been a lot of people thrown into a quandary and, admittedly many have been pretty angry in the last years. There will be more as baby boomers continue to age. The issues gained momentum as many in their 50s came to the stark realization that they are finding it more and more difficult to get work because of (hush – don't say this too loud) age discrimination aka being "over qualified".

It is a shocking realization that at some point no matter how good you are or how much effort you put into effort to secure appropriate work, after years of climbing the corporate ladder, you're being downsized to baggers, WalMart greeters and the like.

But wait. Is it really all that bad?

OK, so we still have bills to pay and earning less money does put a crimp in efforts to stay up with the Jones family with all the new electronic, high-tech toys on the market. But there's definitely a silver lining when you take the time to find it.

I've been chatting with a number of 30-somethings who are absolutely burned out and terribly unhappy with their jobs. They have lots of reasons from working for incompetent managers to excessive hours and demands on them. And the more I talk with them, the more I realize that we old fogies are the lucky ones.

Think about it:

  • Seniors don't need to invest in appropriate work wardrobes – fancy suits, the latest fashions, stockings, manicures and fancy hairdos any more. No more need to impress co-workers or potential employers. We can dress as we choose.
  • Seniors don't need to invest in all those travel expenses to and from a place of business, we can finally spend lots less on gas, car upkeep and parking.
  • Seniors can pick and choose our work schedules (Oh, yes, there is still viable – meaningful – work we can do. We can do that work when and how we choose:early morning, afternoons, middle of night, in short bursts of time, or 24-hours at a crack. We can take off to visit a sick relative or walk the dog when we choose. And vacations are a snap. No need to get approval.
  • Seniors can do work that we LIKE to do, the way we LIKE to do it.. And this is the best of all benefits. Artists,photographers, writers, inventors, technicians who are working in offices today would die for the opportunity to work full time doing what they enjoy most. Many who worked for "the Man" all their lives, dreamed of the time and freedom seniors enjoy. Better yet, many achieved their greatest success when others figured they were too old to be productive.Think Grandma Moses (101), Frances Bennett (92).

Once you get past the idea that your value is all wrapped up in your job, you can free yourself to live the most enjoyable productive days of your life. Sure, it takes some imagination; but for the first time, once you reach that certain age when corporate America wants nothing more to do with you, you can be free to be all you can be. There's nothing stopping you from becoming everything you ever dreamed of being.

Do you want to be an artist…a photographer….an author…an inventor…a world traveler. Just do it!

Now, I'm begging you, don't tell anyone because once the word gets out we're sure to see others trying to jump on the bandwagon.

Author: 7577JMM

Retired - Published Author, Editor, Webmistress, Artist, Musician