Small Voices Incredible Messages

I’ve been thinking since our last post…and that can be incredibly dangerous.

Watching the tragedies in Japan; constantly updated news on wars and discord throughout the world; political fiascos in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and elsewhere; and, then, President Obama’s incredibly uplifting speech this last week… it’s enough to leave a writer’s head spinning.

Bach in a Forest
Bach in a Forest

I had visions of writing about how living in a Chicago condominium gives us first-hand education in what it takes to handle any kind of world event, from natural disasters to catastrophic economic challenges and dealing with “difficult” people.

I thought about writing a heartfelt thank you to the President. I considered talking to Condominium Associations and Unit Owners
about how we can learn a lot from how the President handles all the insanity that is thrown at him.  I thought about discussing once again how every individual in this world has value.

But why? I’d be preaching to the choir.

But then, incredibly, I’m reminded that even the tiniest voice eventually is heard as it blends with all the other tiny voices that speak of something so much more than our daily struggles and strifes.

So, I’ve decided to take a break. to absorb the incredible message of this video.  Come join me…

Bach In an Ancient Forest


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