Jobs – Can We Now Get Back to Business?

I really don't like to use this blog for political purposes. But, because I've been unable to deliver this letter directly to Mr. Boehner, I'll post my personal letter to him here.

Dear Mr. Boehner and Public Servants working in the House and in Congress:

Now that you've run out the clock on all the shennigans over whether the US will stand good for the debts it's accrued over the years, can we PLEASE get back to the task at hand – strengthening our national economy and creating jobs?

The task of creating jobs, after all, is what we elected you for.

Can you now get busy and start figuring out how this country is going to create jobs for kids who've graduated from school and for seniors who also have obligations to meet?

Jobs, after all, create revenue. Taxes come out of every paycheck earned. We don't work, we don't earn, we don't have money to pay taxes. The government loses as much as the unemployed people who are able and willing to work. Everyone loses. But when people have food on their tables and a roof over their heads, they really don't mind paying taxes. Surely you do understand this, don't you?

Of course, the taxes do need to be revised so that everyone who gets money from the system should be expected to pay their fair taxes – more money should equal more taxes. That is fair. And, no, we don't buy the line that the millionaires and companies will create jobs if they don't pay taxes. That has been tried and failed. Since Bush initiated his new tax system,  jobs have been eliminated at an astounding rate. Rather, how about going back to the taxes that were in place before Bush took office. Eliminate all tax loop holes – and, if you must, offer incentives and tie them directly to job creation.  Let's say every millionaire or corporation could be offered a percentage write off for every new job created – let's say something like 1% of the first year's salary for each NEW job created.    

We put you into your jobs. Pert near all of you earn at least $174,000 for the work you do and you have the power to vote yourself pay increases whenever you please.  Do you think you could ensure that the workers who gave you your jobs can enjoy at least a fraction of this windfall? As long as you're fighting over slashing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, perhaps you could consider taking a similar pay cut.  I'll bet you could come up with a significant reduction on the budget. .

It's really not that difficult. You, as our elected representatives, can surely come up with something that makes sense and put America back to work.



At the risk of telling you something you might easily overlook, the more energy you spend on making your opponent look bad and avoiding the needs of the American worker, the more you risk losing the support of those of us who put you to work.

Author: 7577JMM

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