Creating Art Out of Mud

When we talk about hobbies and artistic activities we, too often, worry about significant investments. But the movement to create something out of nothing (or nearly nothing) is getting stronger by the day. More often the investment is very small in terms of money. The only requirement is your investment in time, patience and your passion for creativity.

Check out all the entries on the internet, YouTube and elsewhere, that focus on crafts using various items that would otherwise be considered trash (old bottles, plastic bags, empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, old tee shirts and jeans). 

It takes just a little imagination to come up with something that is enjoyable and relatively easy to make. 

For those who like to work with their hands dirty, clay and cement/Quikrete offer a wide variety of opportunities for seniors to reconnect with using earth materials. These materials can be used on a small scale or can be developed into more extensive projects depending on space and level of interest.

Some really interesting projects I’ve just recently discovered include:dorango

Dorodango: the making of balls of dirt and polishing them to create amazing pieces of art. A neat introduction to this process can be found at the Sharability website. Bruce Gardener of Albuquerque created a detailed explanation of his work in this art form. 

Another variation involves molding tin foil into polished aluminum balls.

These are not projects for anyone who is impatient. It takes time and persistence to perfect the finished product but they are certainly worth trying if you stick with it to the end.

If you’re looking for something less complex and equally rewarding try modeling clay and make smaller balls (or other forms) out of modeling clay or Play Dough. Balls can morph into beads or other interesting forms, perhaps even miniature toys or jewelry or….?

A small bag of Quikrete (concrete) is equally as good as a base for amazing projects that are both interesting and impressive. Check out Pinterest for some idea joggers large and small.

The point is, we can create a thing of beauty out of anything. And there’s lots of information online about how to perfect and expand your interest. Whatever materials you choose to work with, remember it takes lots of practice and patience. 

I’m interested in hearing from you. What crafts and art do you create? What materials? What tips and tricks do you want to share about your experiences? 


Author: 7577JMM

Retired - Published Author, Editor, Webmistress, Artist, Musician