Gather Your Eggs

Moving, looking for a job, seeking a new home and planning a major event all have a lot in common. While whole industries are built on  the backs of each endeavor, when I’m doing any of these things, I prefer to bring my efforts down to the simplest terms.

Oh, it’s true that you’re dealing with very different criteria in each effort. Moving often requires tight scheduling and logistics skills. Looking for a new job can be quite frustrating as you sift through scores of job descriptions that seem written for a super human who has no life of his/her own. Seeking a new home calls for patience and a clear vision of what you want. And, event planning, well, that requires refinement of skills such as hard work, determination and uncommon leadership skills.

But when all is said and done all can be boiled down to the basic skills learned by farmers generations and generations ago. Those who had small farms generally raised their own foods. They strove to maintain a balanced diet, raising fruits and vegetables as well as chickens and livestock.

What did they learn? Everything has a time of its own. Spring is a time for planting and it takes time for seeds to germinate and mature. While it’s essential that you learn to let nature take its course, you need to work hard to ensure that you capitalize on the best nature has to offer. And you need to be patient while you harvest the fruits of your labor.

You can’t rush the ripening process. And more so, it helps to have good  strong time management skills. Those cows expect to be milked at first light and at end of day. You can’t put it off unless you want a very sick cow. You learn that it can be more than a little frustrating waiting for fruits to ripen while watching the weather for fear of a deluge that could potentially wipe out your entire crop. 

And finally, you have to rely on your own resources. Those chickens will lay their eggs in the most unlikely places. It’s up to you to go out and find them. But wait, that’s half the fun of it…where else can you experience the joy of discovery as you locate those hidden treasures…an Easter Egg Hunt every day of the year.


Author: 7577JMM

Retired - Published Author, Editor, Webmistress, Artist, Musician