Happy Easter!

My sincerest wishes that you and yours enjoy this outstanding day of rebirth.  African Violet

We’ve generally had a most remarkable winter and spring here in the Midwest. And with the early Spring, you’d think that nature would have expended its glory. But no. Today I’m finding evidence of rebirth everywhere. Of course, all the magnificent Easter Lilies adorn churches and homes today, but there are others equally as remarkable.

One of the many signs of rebirth and awakening I’m enjoying today is my lowly violet. I’ve had it for several years now but this is only the second time it’s shown signs of prolific blooms.

And because it’s blooming at this particular time of year – after an extended period of dormancy, it gives me pause and a great deal to think about.

Regardless of whether we are Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Christian or not.we share in a remarkable saga of life. The processing of birth, growth, death and rebirth is something we all have in common.

We each have our own beliefs and our own specific customary day of celebration and our own commemorative prayers and rituals designed to remind of the significance of our journey through life. Often though we go through the traditional celebrations without really thinking about the message that speaks to our hearts.  

If we did listen, would there be room for greed and wars and starvation and the intense drive to control the lives of others?

This little violet is not a match – or a threat – to the stately Easter Lily. But it speaks the same language. And they can co-habit very nicely, thank you, without stepping on each other’s toes.

Is this not true of men and women, young and old, American, European, Indian, Oriental and others? None is more magnificent than the other. None should threaten or feel threatened by others, None has any more right to life and freedom of choice than the other.

May this be a particularly happy day – no matter what you call it..

Author: 7577JMM

Retired - Published Author, Editor, Webmistress, Artist, Musician