New Hot Button Marketing

Hot BUtton Marketing CoverBarry Feig, a leading consumer behaviorist, has revised and re-published his best selling “Hot Button Marketing in Kindle format.  In it he discusses consumers buying habits. He tells us that we consumers buy products for two reasons: the rational reason and the real reason. He maintains that we may explore a product’s features and benefits, but when it come to paying good money we invariably do so based on emotion – not intellect.

He’s filled this new edition with tips and insights that can be applied at every stage of marketing – from product development to one-on-one selling – using the sixteen hot buttons that motivate purchases. This book includes tips for using social media in the marketing mix.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Barry on this newest edition of Hot Button Marketing and invite you to take a look to see how it can help you.  You can check out Hot Button Marketing at


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