New Online Store at CreativeOptions

If you know me or have read many of my blog posts you know that I'm not the quintessential specialist. I'm too much of an entrepreneur at heart.

So you won't be surprised that I'm working on a new venture. This one is an outgrowth of my interest in working with hand crafts. I'm accumulating woodburning, embroidery and a variety of documents that I think might have some value on the open market so I'm developing a shopping cart.

I'd welcome your taking a look at and coming back here to tell me what you think. I'm most interested in what you think about the look and feel and the general appearance of this online store.

You'll note that there's not a huge quantity of products there. I am selling primarily one of a kind types of products, documents and personal services (writing, editing, website management and tutoring which can be done by phone or online). I'm also making myself available to handle custom orders of a similar kind if there's a call for that. 

Do you think this is a viable way to handle this kind of work?

I've thought about other public online stores as an outlet and have decided that I would rather not get lost amidst a lot of competition on those. It's a lot more work, keeping a shop of this kind maintained and up to date but I think it might make more sense for me. After all it allows me to use both my craft and technical skills actively employed at the same time. Would you agree? If not, why not.

I appreciate your help and feedback. After all, this newest venture only makes sense if it serves a purpose and it fits the needs of people like you.

Author: 7577JMM

Retired - Published Author, Editor, Webmistress, Artist, Musician