Welcome 2012!

January 1, 2012 – It's arrived! at last.

Personally I'm completely and utterly happy to put 2011 to bed. It was a tough year for many.

I think we make a huge mistake when we dub any year – or a day – good or bad. Time just is. What's good or bad is what we all do with that day or year. If enough of us use the time for good it is good.  If we cumulatively and individually can say that we have become better and have grown in age and grace. Then it was very good indeed. If not, we've wasted a precious gift.

January 1 – like every new day before an after – brings with it promise and opportunity. Each day we wake up we can choose to start all over again. We can choose to continue on our journey through time carrying with us all the baggage we tend to accumulate along the way. Or we can choose to travel light, leaving personal and emotional baggage behind. If we learned well, we won't need that baggage. It will only hold us back and interfere with the work of the present.

Twenty-twelve is considered by many to be an epic year. Some fear that it's the end of the world. Others assure us it's the door to a grand new epic for humanity. Either way twenty-twelve has a nice clean, uncluttered feel. It rolls off the tongue easily. Twenty-twelve challenges us to move forward confidently with eyes and hearts open. Where there was a terrific amount of backsliding in 2011 with so many striving to revert to prejudices and damaging practices of the past, 2012 bursts forth proudly and reminds us that past is past. We should indeed honor the past and learn from it but it deserves to be buried.

My resolve this year is to set aside all the unpleasantness, anguish and ugliness of this last year and tuck the lessons learned during in 2011 in my personal backpack. I plan to travel light welcoming each new day of 2012, ready to take advantage of every opportunity this new epoch year has to offer. In the grand scheme of things, the world is a living breathing organism and I am just a tiny insignificant piece of it. I can't individually change the path humanity is on. But I can spend this year wisely, doing my part to help make each new day count..I don't want anything to weigh me down or interfere with my ability to make this new year and each new day in it spectacular beyond belief.

Join me?


Author: 7577JMM

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