Anticipating Spring Gardens

They're here! The daffodils have tentatively begun to show themselves. The daylilies, irises and other spring flowers are promising a splash of dramatic color in the near future. Spring arrived today.

We even had two very warm days this week with temps in the upper 60s here in the Chicago area..

If you're like me you're chomping at the bit…ready to move on with this year's  planting. You probably know exactly which annuals and vegetables you're going to nurture and where you're going to plant them. You're ready to get on with it. After all, it IS the fist day of Spring.


While our blood rushes and spirits soar,  it's too soon. If there's anything a gardener in the Midwest learns it's that "Patience is a virtue…."

Today we have snow and temps in the 30s – again!! That's a good thing, though. Today we're reminded that  Spring in the Midwest is fickle. Planting before the third or fourth week of April is a risky business.  About the best we can do right now is finalize our planning, get that yard cleaned up and prep the soil….and enjoy the first tentative signs of nature's re-awakening.

The best is yet to come.  We're ready!

Author: 7577JMM

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