Chicago Winter

Chicago Winter

Winter in Chicago          Winter Comes to Chicago

I’m a fan of winter – Come Winter and my heart hop-skips to the Southwest where the snow covers everything in a pure sparkling blanket that gleams beneath a warming sun and contrasts against the bluest of blue skies. Even blizzards – as deadly as they can be – carry a beauty all their own. Winter in the wide open spaces catches our breath and leaves us filled with awe.

In metropolitan Chicago, you can enjoy a whisper of that same feeling if you are vigilant. You have to catch the new-fallen snow in that magical window of time before the world comes to life and tramples through the inconvenient white stuff. This year, I had the good fortune to capture those precious minutes in memory. The salt trucks hadn’t come out yet and traffic hadn’t yet begun its merciless churning of the inconvenient white stuff into gray mush.

Chicago winters can be a drag but if you watch, you can enjoy a taste of the magic of winter here too. It even makes the unforgiving cold that typically engulfs the Midwest tolerable.

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