Chicago-kinda Day

Chicago-kinda-DayEvery once in a while it’s nice to wake up to a Chicago-kinda day. You know, everything is grey and overcast…and you know you’re in for a long period of rain.

These rainy days are rare in New Mexico but quite common in Chicago. One needs to remember that this kind of rain is good for plants and for washing dust out of the atmosphere. It’s this kind of rainy day that accounts for the huge oaks and maples that line the streets in the concrete jungle. And so once in a while it’s good to celebrate a Chicago-kinda day here in Albuquerque.

This isn’t a day you’d necessarily want to go out birding or hiking. But there’s lots of things to do. Albuquerque has some museums and art galleries, and if you are careful to walk between the rain drops, it’s even a decent day to visit Old Town.

But it’s also a day when baking, crocheting and board games take on new meaning.


Author: 7577JMM

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