Congratulations, America! We have finally reached the end of another presidential election. We have a president that we can be proud of for another four years.

I have watched Obama grow and mature as a leader. Honestly I can't imagine any man in the United States who could have done such an outstanding job bringing us through the last four years and I have great hopes for the next four. The road ahead will continue being difficult for our leader. He still has entire swaths of this country who want nothing more than to see him fail.We also have entire swaths of the country who will sit back and wait for him to work his magic while they complain that he isn't doing enough for their special interests.

There was a time during this election cycle that said if he chose to wash his hands of the entire mess I would have completely understood. But he didn't. He hunkered down and did what was difficult for the petulant Americans behaving much like spoiled teenagers. He did it because he is willing to go the extra mile for the best interests of the country. He did it in spite of great criticism he didn't deserve

I wonder if we have learned our lesson? He told us four years ago that he would do his best but he needed us to work with him. We fought him all the way. He told us again last night that he needs us working with him even while he congratulated all of us for his successes. Will we finally work with him? I hope so.

Author: 7577JMM

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