Winter Comes

Feathery snowflakes herald the coming winter months and continue to bring hardship to our neighbors on the east coast.

The first snow arrived here with a slightly eerie feel. It was particularly thrilling to me because I actually caught the flakes in mid-fall. This time the snow only dusted the ground and tops of cars with a feather cover and melted almost as soon as the sun arrived. But the promise is that Winter is coming — soon — is loud and clear.

I was particularly thrilled when I discovered I’d managed to catch these first feathery flakes in mid-fall and I had to share.

When winter comes I am reminded that while I do value opportunities to get out and enjoy nature, I tend to favor the practices of bears and others who hole up for the season, I’m perfectly happy enjoying nature from the confines when I don’t have to fight the elements.

It’s time for more crocheting, woodburning, embroidery, baking and reading… all pastimes that we in condominiums and apartments can enjoy with little effort. Creativity, after all, doesn’t require much more than a little imagination.

But I’m not complaining. The weather has already been particularly cruel to our neighbors on the east coast. Even if the media moves on to other news topics, this winter will be rough for them. To help get in touch with the Red Cross or local initiatives that are being set up to lend a helping hand. And certainly, keep them in your prayers.

Author: 7577JMM

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