Evolution of the Internet

When the internet was born it promised to become the most powerful tool known to man for communication. And we saw it was good. Change happens. The Internet is not what it was.  I won't even attempt to critique how this powerful tool has evolved and the uses it's been put to. It is what it is. There are as many facets and uses for the internet as there are users tapping into it.

I choose to use the Internet for expanding my education, exploring new worlds, staying in touch with family and friends I've made around the world. I choose not to use it to hide behind a persona. I choose not to use it to accumulate vast lists of faceless contacts and capitalize on in-your-face marketing to hords of faceless numbers.

But that's me. I like the power that the Internet puts at my fingertips…power to explore the world, stay in touch and share ideas. I've become very selective about what comes into my computer and my life. And, I'm quick to use my delete key to shut out anything that takes me off track.

I wonder how you use the Internet in your life? Does it enrich you, leaving you feeling invigorated at the end of a day? Or are you drained and depressed when you finally shut your machine off? 

Author: 7577JMM

Retired - Published Author, Editor, Webmistress, Artist, Musician