Has the Internet Made Your Life Easier?

The internet can certainly be addictive. With each passing day I discover a new nook or cranny that cries out to be discovered and a new button that insists that I click on it "Right this minute!". 

Keeping Up To Date With the Best

I have developed habit of bookmarking the more interesting sites I come across hoping to go back again when time permits. My bookmark list is downright awesome.Unfortunately, by the time I get back to checking them out, half of them have disappeared into the ether never to be found again.It's little better than last year's telephone book.

That's ok. I figured out if I cut and paste and save the most important information – the stuff I really, really want to have at my finger tips I would be just fine. That works well – until the computer crashes and I'm left to start all over again.

Gradually, I'm learning not to worry. I read, absorb what I can and move.on. It's the best solution of all! My grey cells are getting a work out; and, I'm getting smarter and smarter every day…

…but you can't tell it by my conversations. Increasingly, I'm discovering what it means when those pesky aging grey cells short out and the information just refuses to shake itself loose. Pity the people I'm trying to share all this new-found information with.

I was talking with my daughter the other day. I was very much interested in all the glamorous and not-so-glamorous events she has to share. But I just couldn't keep the details straight.

"Mom, you're not listening!" she accused.

"Oh, but I am," I retorted. "I just can't seem to put a face on the names or a time on the events. I may not be able to call up the differences between, Amy, April and Ashley. But, if I say the wrong name, that doesn't mean I'm missing the point of your story. I may not be able to remember whether you suggested I visit Metro Chicago  or Chicago Metro. But that's ok. I went to both places and eventually found the link you were telling me about…"


Google to the Rescue

Well, It seems that Google has figured out that I need some help. I understand they've started selectively feeding my searches with the links they think I should be interested in  Seems they know better than I do what will satisfy my mental wanderlust. So if I search for Seniors I may get a very different list of options than you would if you searched the same term.

Glory, halleluia!! I'm told they already have started implementing this plan, so I'd better get a whole lot smarter about what I search for. And I'd better be prepared to do a lot more searching to find those out-of-the-way nooks and crannies that feed my soul (or worse!!) .Now I can't just say "Search for XYZ and click on the third link from the top:" I'm going to have to devise a system to recollect the link to  http://www.uuzuz.net/index.php/blogs/beat-the-press/representative-ryan-proposes-medicare-plan-under-which-seniors-would-pay-most-of-their-income-for-health-care.  or  http://umdu.com/web/i/subs_dir.nsf/4ff963ddb4f6996f8525786f00670555/3fcd0d78889f28d285256ee60065dcd6?OpenDocument

There's word on the internet by-ways that the internet is headed into a new phase. I hear it will be focused on consolidation and that little guys like me are going to have to work a whole lot harder to stay relevant. Now I know change is a good thing – usually. So I will be watching with baited breath for all the newest innovations.

One thing is sure. Much of what I've worked so hard to learn is going to be past history in six months or a year.. So I really won't need to worry about what the gurus have been teaching us… and that I've already forgotten… or simply can't find.

How are you coping? 

Author: 7577JMM

Retired - Published Author, Editor, Webmistress, Artist, Musician