Let It Begin…

Now that the new year is firmly planted under our feet, we’ll probably see a small quickening of activity around us. It’s going to be a slow go, if all the indicators we’re observing on the street are accurate. The market continues slow. Many are scrambling to get some balance. And bad habits are difficult to break.

But it’s election year….finally. Most often about six months before the big day we see a loosening up of the economy. Since the current establishment has little to nothing to gain from such a surge, it may not happen this time, but we can hope.

Meanwhile, we can start making a difference. It is true that there’s not a whole lot we ordinary folk can do to impact the bigger picture, but we can certainly make a difference in our corners of the world.

That means that neighbors can start taking an interest in working together. It means being more pleasant to each other and less ready criticize and participate in back biting. It means contributing to the common cause in condominiums, social groups and market places. It means recognizing that we can’t continue to expect everyone else to do the work while we sit back and criticize them. It means doing our part – taking ownership of how our piece of the world functions.

It’s not much different in business. Business owners, their employees, Federal Government and other organizations can make a significant difference without much effort – just as soon as they recall that the customers they serve are the source of their profits.  It means that we all recall that customers disillusioned and dissatisfied with inferior products and services find ways to go elsewhere or do without. A change of perspective will go far in the way we treat the people we do business with. 

In this economy it won’t take a heavy hand or manipulation to effect change. A simple smile and and effort to serve the common good – even go the extra mile –  will go far to building solid growth in all sectors. Forget trying to psychoanalyze and second guess your market…and stop treating people like numbers. People really do know what they want and need. They do comparison shop. And, most have learned to resist many of the marketing tactics designed to foster impulse buying — if for no other reason than that they have precious few dollars to spend frivolously.

It really isn’t that difficult to hold the door open for the other guy, to let them get in front of us in a traffic jam, or to stoop down and pick up a piece of litter tossed carelessly by someone else (or ourselves). None of these – or countless other small acts take more than a second or two. These really aren’t difficult to do. None of these acts will even make a dent in our harried lives…they certainly won’t make us late for dinner. But, oh! Imagine the impact, if we all participate.

Author: 7577JMM

Retired - Published Author, Editor, Webmistress, Artist, Musician