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So, you're a writer and you want to write a Blog. Whether you're a seasoned writer or a beginner, pursuing Blogging can be a uniquely challenging pursuit.  Blogging might be thought of as writing on steroids.Every skill writers employ when creating magazine articles, books and other written materials meets new challenges in the Blogging world. Here are some things to think about whether you're planning a new Blog or looking to improve the Blog you have:

The first and most important thing to remember is that there is no one-size-fits all. You want to follow the same basic guidelines all writers follow but only your and your readers can determine what a blog should look like.

Begin with the basics:

  • Are your writing skills up to snuff? Can you write interesting, easily understood content?  
  • Do you have something to say – something that will educate, entertain, or challenge your readers?
  • Do you know whom you're writing for.and why they should be interested in what you have to say?

Blog writers face the same challenges that all writers have.

  • Know your market.
  • Write about what you know and your reader is interested in.
  • Write in the language of your reader to stimulate interest.
  • Address Who, What, Where, When, Why, How and So What.
  • The best writing is really re-writing.

All this is important, but Blog writing goes far beyond this.

  •  While all writers relay on the input of others (proofreaders, editors, publishers), Bloggers tend to be a team of one, unless they partner with someone who is technology-savvy enough to handle internet connections, troubleshooting, traffic control, SEO and more. The Blog writer needs to be able to finesse technology as well as language. .No longer is a pen and paper – or even a computer sufficient — unless you're a part of a team. Blog writers typically need to be editor, technical support and marketer wrapped into one.
  • Blogging doesn't leave a lot of room for re-writing and editing. In most cases a writer produces written materials on a fairly frequent schedule. It doesn't have to be every day, but Blogging requires the ability to process, assimilate and apply huge amounts of information. In order to achieve this kind of production and to keep a Blog timely, a writer needs to be able to write quality material on demand. The practice of writing, setting aside for a couple days, re-writing, then having someone proofread and edit the work, doesn't work very well in Blogging. 
  • Focus is critical to avoid burnout. There are, after all, only so many things you can talk about when discussing many topics. Too tight a focus will lead to dead-ends and writer's block. Too loose a focus will be difficult when working through issues of Search Engine Optimization and Traffic Generation. Writing to Interest your readers is not enough – Blog writing needs to be easily search-able. The best-written Blogs fail to be effective if no one reads them.
  • While it's normal for a writer to strive to write so that they cannot be misunderstood. Writing user-specific copy for a global market requires an understanding of the nuances of the language. English, approaching  the status of being a universal language. is not universally understood. Within the United States, different industries and different English-speaking localities, spelling and idioms can be more than a little confusing. Beyond that Blog writing requires particular attention to detail, inclusivity and accessibility as well as care that the language and posts do not offend others..
  • Oh, and Blog writers also strive to build community. To do this Bloggers write so that readers will be interested enough in their posts to comment and to come back for more.. Point of view, opinions and controversial content can be helpful here. 

Blogs are growing entities. A Blog doesn't sprout full-blown all at once. It develops over time. In the growing process, a Blog takes on a character all its own. It isn't really practical to try to cover any topic comprehensively in a single post. Borrowing from popular wisdom in entertainment, Bloggers understand that "Practice makes perfect" and strive to "Leave them wanting more".

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