Spring Perspective in Chicago

I do hope you took some time to get out of doors today. Even a short walk around your home
can help to refresh and rejuvenate.

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Happy May Day

Today, May Day, has traditionally been set as a day of celebration throughout the world.
At no time has a day to regroup been more important.

Yes, we’ve got problems. Politics has gone crazy. Gas and food prices are rampant. Unemployment has devastated countless Americans.

Even a quick break to get away from the news and computers can help to put everything in perspective. In fact, I suggest that a half hour walk each morning should be a “must do”.
There’s beauty and promise of hope out there – all we have to to is look around and
embrace it.

Nature’s promise of hope has been re-enacted for eons before we came on the scene. Nature will be here long after we’ve done our best to exploit it.

In Chicago we’re constantly reminded of this. Every so often there’s a report of a bob cat, a fox, a deer right in the middle of this concrete jungle. Squirrels and rabbits thrive here in spite of the traffic. Natural flora, including weeds, are prolific in spite of our best efforts to create manicured picture-perfect environments restricted to pre-selected hybrids.

This is not all bad. It’s a reminder that Nature reclaims its own and that it goes on in spite of all our efforts to control.

Even so, we are stewards. Once we learn to work with Nature and care for it (and each other) we can begin to enjoy all the wealth the Earth has to offer. We can, once again, unleash an environment that supports and nurtures all of us. 

What a perfect anecdote to the greed that pervades our environment today.

It’s ok if you didn’t get out today. Tomorrow will work. In fact, now that milder Spring weather has arrived, consider making it a habit of taking a walk first thing in the morning – before turning on the computer and reading the news. I don’t know a more effective way to put everything into perspective.  

Author: 7577JMM

Retired - Published Author, Editor, Webmistress, Artist, Musician