It’s a very, very small world, indeed.

My daughter's trip to China is rapidly coming to an end. I'm awed by the experience she has had and the great gift she's given me.

We both have enjoyed this experience beyond our wildest expectations. Who would have thought that a young lady could set off on such an adventure – and carry it off successfully? Who would have thought that we could enjoy her adventure together in real time via her blog ( ), our emails that traverse the world in a matter of minutes each day, and the ability to talk on the phone using Vonage's world-wide phone service?

She knew very little about the country and even less of the language. My knowledge of that part of the world was abysmal. Together we've had a whole new world open before our very eyes. And we've shared the discovery as few mothers and daughters have been able to.  But the discovery is just beginning. She'll be in China a few more days and then will head back to the States with treasured stories and pictures to share. I'll have some interesting background information to share with her, too, by virtue of countless goodies I've discovered online while virtually  traveling right along with her.

I can't wait to have her back home… Can't wait to continue this great adventure with her face-to-face when she returns…. And, I'm, oh, so glad we live in a time when such adventures are possible. 

Author: 7577JMM

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