The coolest thing about being a Mom…

I'm proud of my personal accomplishments. That's a given. But, nothing has proven more satisfying and enjoyable than being my daughter's mother. She's become the most wonderful young woman…accomplished and self-assured and successful.

Once again, I'm reminded that the greatest gift a child gives a parent – besides love – is a new perspective on the world.  Each experience she enjoys opens new experiences for me as well.

When she first asked me what I thought about her taking a two week vacation in China – traveling solo – I answered without hesitation that it would be a most spectacular experience. I was actually a bit jealous. When I was her age, such a trip would not have been possible. But then, times have changed, since then.

She was born in Gallup NM a town that had a population of less than 20,000 people As a child, she never enjoyed sleeping over at friends houses. And, she absolutely dreaded air plane trips. And now she's headed for cities in China that make New York look like a hick town.

This is her first ever around the world adventure.  She spent a month meticulously planning for the trip of a lifetime. She arrived in Shanghai just two hours ago. But already I can see that this experience is going to be a huge success.  She had nothing but praise for Korean Air and the stewardesses on her flight. And she tells me that the hostel she's staying at is particularly comfortable – and the people have been most helpful.

She's asleep now, but when she gets her feet under her, a whole new world from Shanghai, to Bejing, Xi'an and Luoyang awaits her exploration. And, I'm going to be right there with her every step of the way.

She has a blog; and, we can connect almost instantaneously through email.. If absolutely necessary we can call each other – but who needs a phone when instant communication is available via Internet?

What a delightful, spectacular opportunity this is for both of us!





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