Seniors’ Greatest Gift

If you're a Senior Citizen, you may find yourself doubting your value and your ability to contribute in this highly technical world. The doubts are particularly difficult to bear if you have been trying to find work and you're "over qualified".

Don't despair.

You have a great deal to offer. You've spent a lifetime learning how to cope in a rapidly changing world. Your knowledge and skills are very much in demand.

The key is to remember not to look back. Forget "the good old days". There was lots that wasn't good back then, just as everything is not peaches and cream today. The trick is to take all that experience and knowledge and adapt it to today's environment. Your challenge is to adapt….find ways to apply your experience and knowledge to your current life and the lives of the young'uns around you.

Sure they may be a lot more familiar with technology than you are. But all that newfangled software is pointless if a person doesn't apply good common sense and basic best practices principles that have guided you through the turbulent years of the last century.

The best gift a Senior Citizen has to offer is his or her ability to teach and guide those who are just now coming up in the world. It satisfying to help those youngsters to succeed, and more than that, it is the key to remembering that you are every bit as productive now as you ever were.

Author: 7577JMM

Retired - Published Author, Editor, Webmistress, Artist, Musician