Times Are Tough….

Yup, the media and the government are finally figuring out – and admitting – that things aren’t quite as rosy as they’ve been telling us for the last couple years.  Well, duh! Any one of the countless seniors trying to get by on a fixed income could have told us that a long time ago. We’ve been there before. And, thank goodness, we have the skills to muddle through while the pols figure out how to fix the messes they’ve made.

I’m hearing rumblings from businesses, that, finally, the sleeping giants are beginning to awaken. They’re beginning to get pretty concerned about what they’re going to do with all those desks the boomers will be leaving behind now that they’re going on SSI. They are looking around and wondering where all the talent has gone. They are starting to think that maybe there’s value in hiring older, more experienced workers. Even the Peace Corps plans to increase the numbers of senior volunteers for their programs. 

Seniors bring a unique balance to the workforce. But the transition back to productive employment for seniors is still not going to be as smooth as we’d hope.

We need to prove that we are able and willing, to contribute to creating a better business climate. We need to prove that we’re teachable. We may even have to work for minimum wage to prove our worth. There’s a lot of false perceptions out there about what it means to be a senior. But, heck, we can do that if we have to, right?

We need to be techno-savvy. That’s easy. Many of us are leading the way on the internet. Many of us do have computer skills that will match those of many younger workers. Those of us who don’t yet have the skills are taking advantage of all the opportunities to learn both online and off. 

We need to prove that we are capable of using our considerable problem solving and life skills to contribute to the “bottom line’ without damaging the tender sensibilities of our younger supervisors.

We can do it.

Right now, it’s up to those of us 60s, 70s, 80s who’ve “been there/done that” to be the pioneers. We can’t wait for the baby boomers to do their thing.

Sure, times are tough…and it looks like they’re going to get a lot tougher. That’s ok. We know what it takes. All we need to do is believe that working together, we are a power to be reckoned with.  So, let’s get going…Let’s show the world we’re proud of our generation.

Author: 7577JMM

Retired - Published Author, Editor, Webmistress, Artist, Musician