Time Marches On…Choose Your Rhythm

When I was young, I can recall, lamenting, “If I live three life times, I’ll still never get everything done that I want to do.”  

Now that I’m older I find that was very much an understatement.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. 

Each day I awake to countless decisions. Do I want to get up and face the day yet? Or shall I just lay back and let time pass? Will I crochet or embroider today? Shall I draw an elephant or paint the Grand Canyon? I have a garden that needs watering and weeding and a new Jazz chord progression I’d like to explore. But, then, the next chapter in my newest book is demanding attention.  But, perhaps a hike in the Sandia foothills with my camera will be most productive and satisfying. 

Have you noticed this too? We finally arrived at retirement thinking we could just relax — only to find that there aren’t enough hours in a day. Despite all our best efforts, we just can’t get caught up…  So much to do, and life keeps getting in the way.  The computer just crashed and I need to run a battery of tests to find the culprit. Someone stole the license plate off my car and I need to report the incident and pay for a new license so I can stay legal. 

It’s a never-ending battle. Sometimes we feel out of synch… We’re so busy rushing to keep up that we miss the beauty of the moment. Sometimes we scream – I need a “rest” inserted here. The rhytmm is off. I’m not just not keeping up with the beat. 

That’s ok. I’ve found a solution.

Each day I begin by reaffirming that there’s an awful lot going on around me that I can do nothing about. Each day I decide that I’m going to do something to make my little corner of the world just a little bit better. If that means shutting down (*gasp*) Facebook and ignoring email today, so be it. Both will be here tomorrow. Not much will have changed. And, no one will notice my absence. So, before worrying about the latest presidential tweet or scandal, I decide which project deserves my immediate attention.  I consider carefully what path I would like to take this day — what I would like to experience (other than the distress and frustrations and angry rhetoric that engulfs all around me).

I’ll never be able to rid myself of the economic and political shenannigans that surround me. But, I can focus on doing something that is fun and rewarding … something that might bring a smile to others around me. 

So, I’ve started putting , my work…both good and bad…here on this website. Check out the Archives and the Gallery. I’ll update these from time to time. My hope is that these will help inspire you to pick up your own tools and start making your corner of the world a bit better, too. 

In the mean time, I’ll focus on learning how to draw Dumbo here a bit better.  Hmmm, might mean a quick trip to the local zoo… 


Elephant Sketch
Elephant Sketch

Have a great day….and consider, how can you make it just a little bit nicer for you and yours. 

Author: 7577JMM

Retired - Published Author, Editor, Webmistress, Artist, Musician

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