Weight Loss in Chicago

I'm way past the point of worrying about fitting in a bikini this summer. But like many of my readers I'm still very much interested in keeping my weight down – and not being quite as successful as I would like. But now that Spring has sprung in all its glory I'm truly glad that I live in the Chicago metropolitan area.

I live in the suburb of Oak Park which is proud of it's pocket handkerchief lawns. This time of year I'm especially grateful for the opportunities that Oak Park offers for those of us who are looking to shed a fe inches around the middle.

Two of my favorite pastimes this year are biking and gardening.

Granted at the grand age of senior something biking can be quite a challenge – even when biking was second nature half a century ago. It requires stamina and builds strength in both legs and arms as well as a sense of balance to get around on a bike. I personally recommend starting off slow. A helmet is a must piece of equipment – but beyond that it doesn't take much more than good clothing and a good bike. It doesn't even need to be a fancy 10-20 speed machine to enjoy a day out.

My second favorite pastime is gardening. It's less strenuous for us oldsters. I simple hand trowel and a good eye will allow us to get rid of all those pesky dandelions that clutter and keep the lawn pristine. Don't misunderstand me, dandelions are actually quite attractive when they blanket a vacant lot, but they are one of the most persistent of plants. Weeds after all are just plants grown where they don't belong.

Anyway bending don and digging out those dandelions (root and all) is excellent exercise. So, too is picking up all the trash that people toss out of their cars.

Not only does the yard benefit, and my figure but I'm getting much needed sun-time – just enough to get a good dose of Vitamin D without burning sensitive skin.  All this without the expense of joining a gym.

Author: 7577JMM

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