In Memoriam

 My heart bleeds for the families of our dead and dying soldiers past, present and future…and for all our children and grandchildren. It was just a matter of time, but I kept hoping against all hope that we wouldn't come to the point where any citizen should be denied common human compassion…much less a man (or woman) who gives his/her life for any cause. Oh, those poor loved ones. It's bad enough that they should lose a loved one in war. That any family should lose a loved one in war is abomination. Of course, we should have seen it coming. Our children learn what it is to be nothing more than "a number" in school. They are herded from classroom to classroom, from grade level to grade level and graduate to work in a work force that is interested in little more than them a numbers that support statistical reports that we know are far from accurate. It's disgusting.  But, really, that a human being – an American citizen – should be denied a fitting memorial service because too many are dying in this war? This, then, is what it means to be a member of mankind – and an American citizen?  I do think I'd prefer to go back to the dark ages or live among the apes. I don't think society – at least this one -has anything better to offer.

Author: 7577JMM

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