Key to Vitality in 2011

I just talked with an old friend who is going through some tough times. Secrets are Whispered

I’d always admired her for her vitality and drive. Today she’s 60-something and in a panic mode. Work dried up for her some time ago. She’s living from hand to mouth. She’s looking at probably losing the house she and her deceased husband had worked so hard for.

It’s not for lack of trying. She worked all her adult life in offices in her hometown. And, she had a good reputation for dependability. But when her company downsized, she was let go.

“No amount of effort on my part is getting me in the door. There are very few jobs in the area. And I’m considered too old to be seriously considered as a candidate for the few that are available,” she said. “Should I dye my hair and get a facelift? Will that work?”

Some would say “Yes”. My personal opinion: “Don’t bother”. The unemployed are having trouble getting gainful employment – doesn’t matter how old or young they are.

What’s Working Now?

Who knows. Everyone has a different theory. You can buy lots of answers including how-to advice and resources to tap into the job market. But truth be known, some of us just aren’t in the mainstream anymore. And we need to tread water until the economy shakes itself out.

We can – and many of us are – spending a lot of time today learning new tricks – new software programs – new ways to socialize. But, that approach is too scattered. In an attempt to “get up to speed” we’re wasting an awful lot of time looking to experts to tell us what to do.


Most of the advice and resources available are rehashed pablum.

Rather, spend that precious time pursuing the interests and activities you love. Want to learn something new? Make sure you’re learning what YOU want to learn it. Forget worrying about whether it’s the “in thing”.

Rather, spend those hours doing something that pleases you and makes your corner of the world just a little bit better. Doesn’t matter what that is. Paint, sew, darn socks, learn a new software program, study archeology or your geneology. Start exercising for the next Senior Olympics. Do what suits your fancy.

Attend to your personal needs for growth and that which makes you happy. Then sit back and watch others sit up and take notice.

And don’t be surprised if someone says, “I want what you have!”

Author: 7577JMM

Retired - Published Author, Editor, Webmistress, Artist, Musician