Understanding Political Schedules

Questions to ask after the election. We elected representatives to work for us. Do we know where they are and what they’re doing? Do they?

Can anyone tell me what our Representatives do on Constituent Work Weeks?

I’m not the most politically savvy ship out at sea, but I tend to be curious. And my curiosity can get me in trouble from time to time.

With all the new changes and promises by our new leaders that they would start creating jobs. I just had to see what’s going on.

The House of Representatives has a website that gives all sorts of information about what’s going on in the House. On their site, you can actually sit and watch the house in session live. It’s quite interesting, in fact, if more than a little frustrating.

And, the House has posted its schedule of activities on line so we can observe how busy they are. It actually makes clear when the House is in session and when it’s not. And this site also allows us to view actual activities with streaming video. I appreciate that. Now I know what’s going on.

For example I know that the House worked very hard in Washington DC during the month of February – a total of 9 days. And I see that they devoted another nine days to “Constituent Work Week”. 

This is where my inquiring mind wouldn’t stop. I think I understand what a “D.C. Work Week” is  That is what I voted for the Representative to go to Washington to do – legislate our country’s laws and work toward getting the country working again. There’s approximately 124 of those in 2011. But, I’d really appreciate if someone would explain to me what a “Constituent Work Week” is – and what our Representatives do those days.

When I want an answer to a perplexing question, I’ve learned to pick up the phone and call or send an email – get the answer straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.. So I tracked down Mr. Boehner’s website and sent an email. It seemed the most appropriate thing to do. It took two attempts. His office said it was probably because “his mailbox is probably full – try again later”.  I’m sure he is very busy, I noted that he wasn’t in his Speaker chair today.

The second attempt brought a very nice response directing me to the America Speaks Out website because he’s so busy that he probably can’t answer each individual email. 

OK. That’s fair. But, wait! Searching America Speaks Out brings me to a .com website. That’s not a government website. Remember, all official government websites end in .gov – NOT .com.

I called my own State Representative’s Office and asked “What is a Constituents Work Week and what does my Representative do during that time? I understood we sent him to DC to legislate but it appears that on those weeks that’s not where he’s at.” The poor gal was so flustered! I was embarrassed for her. She finally suggested that I call his Washington DC office – which I did.

No real person was available to take the call. So, I’m still dying of curiosity.

If you know what a “Constituent Work Week” is and what our Representatives do during that time I’d be forever indebted to you. I’d really like to organize my own work weeks to coincide with theirs. 

Author: 7577JMM

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